About Us

Who we are - Ellimonelli is a British company that's buzzing!  We love discovering scrumptious jewellery, accessories and gifts just for you .....so why not come and explore!

Ellimonelli has a growing following of fans in the UK as well as in far flung places around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand and North America.  Our customers are keen to wear our own bespoke Ellimonelli designs teamed with colourful totes and accessories including designer jewellery and gifts from a range of contemporary companies that inspire us. We are brimming with ideas and love eye-catching designs which can sometimes be a tiny bit quirky - in our quest to be spontaneous and different!

Discovering beautifully crafted products that designers have invested tons of passion into creating gives us a buzz. Wherever possible, our aim is to support British designers but we are also inspired by the vibrancy, textures, contours and tones of interesting finds from other parts of the world.  Mixing these colourful ingredients, creativity and energy together to continually develop our range is our aim.

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To dip into this ever changing fusion of jewellery, accessories, gifts, offers and hot tips, take a peek at Ellimonelli now to find out what our customers are buzzing about?  So what are you waiting for?  Make yourself a coffee, relax and start clicking around!